I feel like it would be best to start this discussion. I realize that what I’m about to say may be off-putting to some people, so all I ask is that you read it to the very end. Just in case I’ll keep it short.

Can someone explain to me why social media pages such as Facebook and twitter suddenly light up with a daily log of “thing I am thankful for” come November first? Now, I am not such a simpleton as to fail to notice the holiday that happens to land near end of November. But that’s just it! Thanksgiving happens to land in November. Does that mean, if it occurred in May we would choose that month to spout out ridiculous things we are thankful for, such ‘a fire on a cold night’ or ‘finding Captain Crunch on sale’?

I realize that sharing what we are thankful for is important, even advantageous, but if that is the case, why do we only share our thanksgiving in November. At present, my Facebook page looks like a log from a captives diary—Day 8: Today I’m thankful for my blanket.

I always imagine these posts continuing with…

My captors have been so kind as to give me this warm fluffy blanket and chai tea latte. I feel as though it will not be long before I convince them that I am not the enemy.

Sadly, the Facebook updates are never quite that entertaining.

If sharing what we are thankful for is medicinal, why don’t we do it even when it’s not popular?

So here’s my challenge: On December 1st, share something that you are genuinely thankful for, be it family, a job, or the simple ability to pay this month’s rent. And perhaps, on the first of each month (or whenever it strikes you), find something new, and real, to be thankful for.

Please, no chai tea lattes.